Winter Jumper Update take 1

So my jumper has been on my needles for a couple of days now. I have managed to get two stripes down and about 9 rows into my third stripe. I would be much further along if I hadn’t had to frog about 10 rows….twice.

It’s been a really rough couple of weeks that my family has been through. We have been hit with some really bad news about my grandmother’s health and the outlook is the worst possible. I am trying to knit as much as possible to help keep myself calm but also because I want to get this jumper finished as my nan helped me pick the yarn out and was really excited to see it completed. We don’t have a timeline for her health problems, so things must be done on the rush. That said, it also means that concentration should be at an all time high and its just not there. I had to frog at least an hour and a half of knitting last night which in itself took me nearly just as long to frog. Where I had started the third stripe, I had forgotten to garter stitch for the vent. Argh! This damn vent. Its in the pattern just to annoy me.

At least third stripe in, work on the vent has finished. Now I only have to garter stitch the first and last stitch of every row. The yarn is semi difficult to work with. I split it occasionally as its not wound tightly and I occasionally come across a stitch that I have to fix because I’ve only caught half of the yarn. Not that I’m complaining. Its just that concentration thing again.

Also as usual, it feels like the green yarn is slightly thinner than the charcoal yarn so to me it looks like the gauge is ever so slightly smaller but it could also be in my imagination. Numerous projects where I have used the same brand but in different colours, the weight is usually different. I wonder why that is?

On another note, I’m a little bit excited. I got an sms from my local library letting me know that the two Debbie Bliss knitting books that I put on hold a couple of weeks ago have finally arrived for me to pick up. Yay! Debbie Bliss is the creator of the gorgeous little teddy bear that I finished knitting last week. (You can find the post here)

Simply baby : 20 adorable knits for baby’s first two years and Blankets, bears and bootees : 20 irresistible hand knits for your baby are the two I’ve managed to get a hold of and hopefully they have some wonderful projects in them. I usually try and get a preview to see what’s in them before I try and get hold of them but lately google books hasn’t had a preview of any of the books I’ve been looking at.


If I don’t get back before the end of the weekend, make sure you all have a fantastic one whether its busy or relaxing!



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