So just a small quick update on my baby blanket with, what to me, is a funny and frustrating story. Towards the end of my 2nd skein, I seemed to of lacked an awful lot of concentration as I made so many mistakes it was just getting ridiculous. The first one I only realized after about 5 rows and that was that I had buggered up my moss stitch and then somehow along the line gone back to the proper pattern and had left a small patch of very ugly stitches grouped together. Yay me. So after that problem was fixed, off I went knitting a couple of more rows. I checked the front of the work like I usually do and I must of been actually alert this time round because I spotted a major mistake. On the right side of the blanket, I had been doing the purl pattern. As in, 5 moss, 3 knit, 1 purl, 4 knit and so on. Lack of concentration can be a doozy.
Off I went hunting to find a crochet needle that was neither too large or small and set about unpicking each stitch I had done wrong and turning purl to knit and vice versa. I reckon it took me about 2 hours with my daughter also trying to help. At least that’s over now and I can get back to what should of been mindless knitting.
Hope you are all faring better in your yarn projects than I am!


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