Update: Catherine’s Wheel Baby afghan

Well here’s yet another update on this afghan that I started in November of last year. I reckon I am about 40% of the way through. I only want to make it big enough for Olivia to be able to drag around and snuggle. It emerged from its hiding place last night as I thought it was time the old crochet hooks made an appearance since we *should* be heading into cooler weather in the coming months.

Hopefully while Olivia is napping during the week I will be able to work on it and have it finished in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, its certainly going to need to be blocked when its finished.


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I’ve been trying to find this pattern, can you send it to me, please?

Hi there, here is the instructions that I have based mine on.
Catherine’s Wheel Stitch

Hi – I just started my baby blanket in this stitch. Why do you say it must be blocked? Mine is holding its form fairly well so far and I am curious. One of the reasons I liked the pattern was that the edges looked fine without edging. What do you think? Thank you.

G’day :) The yarn that I have used to do this blanket tends to roll in at the edges a lot. Thats the only reason that my specific blanket needed to be blocked.
Cheers, Alana

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