First post of a new blog..

I have done many a first post of a new blog posts…but this one I have to stick with. I want to share with other people the new things that I am learning while being 7 months pregnant, all the idea’s (most of them crazy and costing money, which of course we shouldn’t be spending) that I am having for when our little bundle of joy arrives at the beginning of December.

So many plans have been laid (all by me) The nursery, the furniture for the nursery, what you need and dont need, the line is so fine! All the things I want to make for her (including nappies and toys and clothes) which have to wait till bub arrives as we dont know how big she will be. ARGH. Of course my imagination does run away from me and I start too many things and find it hard to get them finished because by that time I’ve already started something else. Another reason to have this little outlet. To make a list and make myself get the things done.

So without further delay, lets start this badboy. Yes husband, you can shake your head at me now 😉


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