Techno beanie for me

I’m a bit sad regarding this project. It just doesn’t fit. But I did just finish it and it’s already found a new owner as my grandmother was eying it off as I was knitting it. It’s an easy enough pattern to follow. I’ve never used a smocking stitch before so once again I was learning something new and it wasn’t difficult at all. According to google there are a few ways to go about this stitch but the method of drawing through the yarn between stitches and knitting two together was very easy.

A close up of my smocking effort

A close up of my smocking effort

I used a 5mm (size US 8) needle throughout with this pattern. It is recommended to knit the rib in the 5mm and then move up to a 6.5mm but with the choice of yarn I made, I believed that it would make a sparse fabric. The yarn being Moda Vera Alice which is made up of a 88% acrylic and 12% wool blend. It comes in a 100 gram ball, approximately 80 meters and requires a cool hand wash.
The pattern is the Techno Hat by Colleen Powley. It can be found through Ravelry or directly through It’s a free pattern which is nice. I did end up adding an extra three rows of smocking as I preferred the look of the smoking stitch closer to the crown of the beanie. It didn’t add any extra length as it would of just been plain ribbing anyway. So next time I will add more length.
To sum it up, the pattern is an easy read and you can mod it easily. The yarn I’m not overly keen on it but it’s certainly usable. There may be more of these hats in the future.
Knitted by Alana Olthof, pattern by Colleen Powley

Knitted by Alana Olthof, pattern by Colleen Powley



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