Some nails…

Another little thing that I dabble in on the side is shellacing my nails. I first got them done professionally earlier on in the year then have done them at home every since. I admit I certainly can not afford the professional CND shellac but do use other brands. If I want to grow my nails a little longer, I usually have to have the shellac on as they split, break and peel very easy ever since coming home sick from Fiji.

When I bought my “kit” off eBay, I got around 24 fluro colours and have bought I think about another 12 from a local lady in Melbourne. There are so many fun colour combinations that you can use plus you can layer colours to great new ones. My latest was this morning as I took my previous colour shifting shellac last night (which is a whole different story which includes melting plastic onto my hands) and since today is washing day, as soon as I put my hands in water, my long nails threatened to peel straight off. So I used a Green Diamonds colour the I was given for my birthday last week. It certainly has an effective sparkle to it.

On another note regarding some knitting, my baby blanket is coming along nicely. Just started the the 4th skein in green for it and I’ve also managed to get a body and some ears knitted for a teddy bear that I want to put under the charity tree at our local kmart.



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