Post Christmas Updates

Even though the merry season has been and gone, I didn’t stop crafting. I just didn’t manage to make it on to the computer very much to update my projects. There has been I think two or three that I have managed to get finished. One large one being a sleeping bag / cocoon for our new baby girl when she arrives and a beanie to go with it. The beanie, for something so small and meant to be simple is a story times 3 as with all three of the hats I knitted, I’m still unhappy with but can’t really be bothered sitting through yet another hat just at the moment.
I also have started another project for Olivia which is a Raglan Jumper.

All of the project patterns can be found through my Ravelry page here Billylids Ravelry Projects

Hope to be back with an update on the Raglan Jumper soon.



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