January 16, 2013

Winter Capucine

Here is an uber quick knit that was completed in between finishing the bottom of Ollie’s raglan jumper and starting the sleeves. I just wanted something that would only take a couple of hours and would turn out cute. I’m more than delighted with this pattern. I altered it slightly by casting on more stitches and having to add a couple more decrease rows but thats it. I used super bulky yarn with 8mm needles and I love the size it turned out. Fits lovely and lose.

Moda Vera Shiver, 8mm circular needles.

Moda Vera Shiver, 8mm circular needles.

The author has just updated her pattern yesterday to include two different yarns and needle sizes and you can find it either through Ravelry or through her blog Na vlně


January 9, 2013

Post Christmas Updates

Even though the merry season has been and gone, I didn’t stop crafting. I just didn’t manage to make it on to the computer very much to update my projects. There has been I think two or three that I have managed to get finished. One large one being a sleeping bag / cocoon for our new baby girl when she arrives and a beanie to go with it. The beanie, for something so small and meant to be simple is a story times 3 as with all three of the hats I knitted, I’m still unhappy with but can’t really be bothered sitting through yet another hat just at the moment.
I also have started another project for Olivia which is a Raglan Jumper.

All of the project patterns can be found through my Ravelry page here Billylids Ravelry Projects

Hope to be back with an update on the Raglan Jumper soon.


December 20, 2012

Wishing Tree Bear

Yesterday afternoon I finished up the bear that I started a week or so ago to put under the wishing tree in our local Kmart. I love how it turned out and hopefully it will make one little person happy. Another project was also completed today and that was a cow lovey blanket for our one month old nephew for Christmas. The pattern for the bear is available through Ravelry or you can find it in Debbie Bliss’s Book called “Simply Baby” (or click Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear)
The pattern for the lovey blanket is just a polar fleece square with crochet edges and a knitted head and crochet legs.

Hope you have enjoyed my update this time round. If you want to know anything, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday over the Christmas/ New Year period and that you all stay safe.

December 11, 2012

Baby Blanket Finished

Well that is the knitting side of it. It still needs to be blocked and backed with minky. The finished measurements are around 65cm by 65cm which is a great size to fit into baby’s capsule for when she arrives and perhaps as she gets a bit bigger as a snuggle rug.
Just as a recap, I’ve used Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply which come in 50 gram skeins. I used 6 of these in green. The pattern I used, I got off Ravelry and its called Mr. Bassil’s Blanket & Hat by Lindsay Tabsh. Here is the link to her blog post: knitting duck: my first pattern! Pictures after the read more link.
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December 3, 2012

Some nails…

Another little thing that I dabble in on the side is shellacing my nails. I first got them done professionally earlier on in the year then have done them at home every since. I admit I certainly can not afford the professional CND shellac but do use other brands. If I want to grow my nails a little longer, I usually have to have the shellac on as they split, break and peel very easy ever since coming home sick from Fiji.
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November 23, 2012


So just a small quick update on my baby blanket with, what to me, is a funny and frustrating story. Towards the end of my 2nd skein, I seemed to of lacked an awful lot of concentration as I made so many mistakes it was just getting ridiculous. The first one I only realized after about 5 rows and that was that I had buggered up my moss stitch and then somehow along the line gone back to the proper pattern and had left a small patch of very ugly stitches grouped together. Yay me. So after that problem was fixed, off I went knitting a couple of more rows. I checked the front of the work like I usually do and I must of been actually alert this time round because I spotted a major mistake. On the right side of the blanket, I had been doing the purl pattern. As in, 5 moss, 3 knit, 1 purl, 4 knit and so on. Lack of concentration can be a doozy.
Off I went hunting to find a crochet needle that was neither too large or small and set about unpicking each stitch I had done wrong and turning purl to knit and vice versa. I reckon it took me about 2 hours with my daughter also trying to help. At least that’s over now and I can get back to what should of been mindless knitting.
Hope you are all faring better in your yarn projects than I am!

November 20, 2012

Lifestyle Toe Up Socks

So I finished the newborn sock I started two days ago. Instead of following the pattern (as usual) I deviated and used the No Muss No Fuss short row heel from the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks pattern that I had used previously. Well this time it was successful. Yay me. So instead of making a pair starting from the cuff, I want to start another newborn pair of socks but using the toe up pattern.

Now, through doing lots of research on making sure I get this heel right, I’ve come across a blog that has a wealth of info on it which includes written instructions as well as a plethora of youtube videos demo’ing lots of techniques for these socks.
PULSH: Lifestyle Socks Video’s
PULSH: No Muss, No Fuss Short Rows, Variation with stitch markers

So if you have tried this pattern or are planning to, please share your progress with me. I would love to see what other people are achieving with it.

November 19, 2012

Socks for a Newborn

So over the last week or so I have started a couple of new projects. I have on my needles, a baby blanket that is coming along nicely. It’s being made from Moda Vera Pure Wool in a lime green colour. The second project I only started last night out of pure whim and it’s (fingers crossed) going to be a pair of newborn socks. I have only ever tried knitting one other sock and I frogged it because I couldn’t get the heel under control. Now that I have used short rows in a couple of other projects, I am hoping that I will be able to manage the short row heel. Once again I am using Moda Vera (you don’t get spoilt for choice in brand names at Spotlight) Noir, in a beautiful variegated colour with pink, green, purple and orange running through it.
You can find both patterns through my Ravelry projects and they are both free which is fantastic.
Till next post.

November 9, 2012

Mojo returning

I sat down after a very long craft hiatus and finished the stuffed Hoot toy that I started well over 4 months ago for my daughter. I honestly got sick of just seeing its big blue body floating around the house collecting dust. I think the cat even swiped at it a couple of times. But at last, it is finished and like most projects, I’m really rather happy with how it turned out.
I might even find enough crafty mojo to get my to my winter jumper that my husband has jokingly said (or not) “that I might have finished by next winter”
I love you honey!

The pattern that I used as a base was from a lovely blog called Six Little Mice. You can follow the pattern here


April 25, 2012


Finally there has been some movement in the camp. That’s the camp of the new Winter Jumper. The back piece has finally been cast on and I have about 2 stripes completed. In the middle of that, I am also working on some Granny squares to make up a blanket for our little girl’s bed come winter time. So hands are very very busy which is a good thing as its absolutely freezing here! The weather has changed so dramatically its hard to believe.

So another thing I’m looking forward to is that I am finally working on getting a space ready to start torching again. I used to lampwork a great deal before our daughter was born but for safety reasons, stopped it about 7 months into being pregnant. Now that she is old enough and getting around by herself and getting into mischief, having my glass in the shed near the car is a bad choice, as she can reach it when we go to get into the car.

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