Olivia’s Raglan Jumper

I started this at the beginning of the month because I wanted something that I hadn’t actually finished before. I still have my Winter Jumper that I’m only a quarter of the way through and I saw that this wouldn’t take me all year to do. So I bring you, Olivia’s Raglan Jumper.

Olivia's Raglan

I picked Moda Vera Black Swan yarn to use as it knitted up so lovely when I made the Newborn Cocoon. Its a 12 ply Bulky yarn that is made up of 56% Acrylic, 24% Polyamide and and 20% Cotton. It comes in 100 gram balls which is approximately 100 meters. Recommended needle size is 7mm and it is to be cold hand washed.

The pattern that I used was Maya’s Raglan Jumper by Charlotte Robinson. It can be found through Ravelry Maya’s Raglan Jumper and directly through Charlotte’s blog Sunrisesister.

While knitting this, the only annoying thing I found was of my own fault by using the wrong m1. In the end I found the best one for me to use was one that I found on the TECHknitting blog TECHknitting: A very nearly invisable increase. I also found that when binding off, to make sure that you bound off very very loosely so as not to hamper the stretch of the garment.

I had a ball creating this raglan jumper and will be making another one when our second daughter is old enough to need one. This one as is will get plenty of use and will most likely be handed down in time. One funny thing is that the author of the pattern designed this to fit her 5 year old and it fits my 2 year old with no pattern alterations. We have a big girl.



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