Newborn Mittens

Well I’ve started two new projects tonight and so far one of them has been frogged. The first was a new newborn beanie which was way too big for a newborn, it would fit more of a 6 month old and the second are a pair of crochet scratch mittens. I’ve got one of the mittens done tonight but I have to admit I made the wrong choice of hooks to use. I should of used at least a 4mm hook and I’ve used a 3.75mm with 8 ply yarn. Will make another pair a bit larger sometime this week but have to finish this pair off first.
I will update with a pic tomorrow. I also have plans for another knitted beanie but will have to see how that goes.
Till tomorrow!

Update: Bad light cos I finished them at night and of course wanted to take a pic but here they are :)



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