So another thing that I have taken to making for when our little one arrives is MCN’s or modern cloth nappies. The ones that I have made are called AIO’s (all in ones) which means that they act exactly like a disposable diaper but which is reusable which is much better for our environment and for baby. You treat it the same way as using terry towel flats (which we have 3 dozen of them as well)

Mine consist of 4 layers and a sewn in soaker. The layer that goes against baby’s skin is mircofleece, the second layer is flannelette which the soaker is sewn on to, then a layer of PUL, which is a breathable waterproof layer and then the outside layer of fleece or minky. The soaker has been made using 2 layers of zorb which has been sandwiched in between 2 layers of bamboo fleece. These AIO’s do not require a separate pilcher or waterproof cover unlike terry flats.

Next post I will share where I downloaded free patterns and a few websites that I got some brilliant advice from. Also in the works are PUL covers that I have to sew to go over our terry flats which are constructed very similar to the MCN.

Here’s a pic showing the inside of two different types that I have made. One with leg gussets and one without. Its a bit of a personal choice of what works best for you and your child on if you have gussets or not.


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