MCN’s and where to get them

If you are in Australia and are interested in using Modern Cloth Nappies instead of disposables, head over to this site and be prepared to learn some things Team it up with the New Zealand website which is where I obtained a lot of free patterns to use (I linked directly to the DIY section but make sure you check out everwhere)

You can purchase already made modern cloth nappies if you dont feel comfortable or have the time to make them yourself. There are loads and loads of local WAHM’s (work at home mums) who have businesses online and also online shops that sell local and oversea’s manufactured MCN’s. Or you can always trundle down to Target and buy yourself a couple dozen of terry flats. Try and stay away from the plastic pilchers though as they dont let air flow in around bub’s bum which is a bad thing. You can purchase (or make your own) pilchers from wool, fleece or PUL. I will do a couple of posts for each of the mentioned pilchers as I’m working my way through making them at the moment.


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