Lifestyle Toe Up Socks

So I finished the newborn sock I started two days ago. Instead of following the pattern (as usual) I deviated and used the No Muss No Fuss short row heel from the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks pattern that I had used previously. Well this time it was successful. Yay me. So instead of making a pair starting from the cuff, I want to start another newborn pair of socks but using the toe up pattern.

Now, through doing lots of research on making sure I get this heel right, I’ve come across a blog that has a wealth of info on it which includes written instructions as well as a plethora of youtube videos demo’ing lots of techniques for these socks.
PULSH: Lifestyle Socks Video’s
PULSH: No Muss, No Fuss Short Rows, Variation with stitch markers

So if you have tried this pattern or are planning to, please share your progress with me. I would love to see what other people are achieving with it.


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