Learning something new.

After yet another hiatus, I’m back with something new. Our youngest (bubs in the pics) is now 17 months old and doesn’t like to sit still for a camera anymore. So I’ve found something that will. I have a new thing that I have learnt. Waldorf dolls. And thanks to our oldest daughter as I found them looking for a doll for her dancing.


Some are just plain creepy while some of them are totally gorgeous. I’m not overly sold on the versions that have realistic hair as I believe that a doll should look like a doll, not like a mini human. So of course I opted to go with the coloured hair with piercing green eyes and a lovely little pink smile. Yeop, I’m rapt with her, and her name is Flora. (Due to the greeness of her hair).
She is heading off to a friend up the top end of Australia as a baby gift for her gorgeous baby girl.
I did purchase a book on the dolls, but there are tonnes of patterns online which range from just plain bodies to button or screw jointed bodies, and millions of patterns for clothes. The hair can be applied with a crochet cap or sewn on.


There are lots of different things that you can do to make the dolls the way you want to. You can add more to the facial features, you can give them a little bottom or fingers and toes and a little belly button. You can draw your own pattern so they are entirely yours. I love looking at the little beauties online. Would be great to see someone else’s in “real life” too.



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