Handbag for a little lady

I couldn’t even tell you when I started this bag. It was either at the beginning of last year, or even the year before. All I know is that I finally sewed a lining into it this morning. And lazily I machine sewed it. Our daughter, at every chance, has been carrying around my handbag like a proper little lady and I have been seeing out of the corner of my eye, this unfinished crochet bag every time I walked past the book shelf in the study that it had been banished to till I found the time and inclination to finish it. This morning the time had come. I even had the lining pinned into it. I only had to sit down for a whole 2 minutes and sew it in. I am happy to say that it’s done once and for all. As soon as Olivia saw it, it was promptly snatched and carried into the lounge room with her morning sippy cup of milk. Now together with cup and bag, she is happily sitting down and watching Postman Pat. What a lovely start to the day.



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