For someone special

Eventually this little bear will be for someone special. A special little newborn. Let’s face it, every newborn is special. But that’s a whole other topic!

This bear has taken me around a week to complete so really, it’s a very quick knit. There is a fair amount of seaming to be done but I don’t really mind seaming, it breaks up the knitting. Each piece is knitted flat with a lot of shaping to be done and it makes you feel great when it finally all comes together. He measures 13 inches or around 33cm’s. I’m not entirely sure that I’m finished with him for good but for now I am very happy with him. I eventually would like to embroider a small design, like a heart or a letter maybe. I certainly have plans to make a couple more of these fella’s because they are just so damn cute and cuddly.




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Hey, Your bear came out so cute! I am seaming the same one right now but the head is so floppy. Yours seems sturdy, any thoughts on how I can do this better? More stuffing? Different method for stitching?
Not sure on this & would love some advice.

Hi there, Sorry its taken so long to reply! I did stuff the head fairly full and also when attaching it, I pressed his head down firmly so it was a larger surface area that I was sewing down. Hope that helps somewhat!
Cheers, Alana

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