Finally there has been some movement in the camp. That’s the camp of the new Winter Jumper. The back piece has finally been cast on and I have about 2 stripes completed. In the middle of that, I am also working on some Granny squares to make up a blanket for our little girl’s bed come winter time. So hands are very very busy which is a good thing as its absolutely freezing here! The weather has changed so dramatically its hard to believe.

So another thing I’m looking forward to is that I am finally working on getting a space ready to start torching again. I used to lampwork a great deal before our daughter was born but for safety reasons, stopped it about 7 months into being pregnant. Now that she is old enough and getting around by herself and getting into mischief, having my glass in the shed near the car is a bad choice, as she can reach it when we go to get into the car.

We have a small shed out the back that when my german shepherd lived with us, used to be where he slept. It had a fridge for his dog food and also housed our bikes and some other stuff. We cleaned it all out on Sunday and bug bombed it too. I opened it up yesterday expecting to find man eating sized spiders laying dead on the floor but there wasn’t actually much in there. This is good for me! Hopefully the sun will come out in the next couple of days and I can air it out a bit more and start moving stuff in to there soon. Very excited!

Here’s some lampwork beads that I did before I stopped and also some jewellery that I made with those beads. The last picture is of a blown shard that you break to decorate other beads.






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