Fan Bookmark

I’ve just started this project this evening. I’ve never used a hook under 3mm before so it was a learning curve using the 1.25mm which is older than me. I love all the hand me down hooks from my grandmother hehe. It was a wonderful pattern that I found on Ravelry and once I have it down pat I will be making a couple of them as Christmas presents for the readers in my family. Once you get the hang of holding on to the smaller thread and hook, its really exciting to watch the fine lace pattern emerge.

Here’s the link to my Ravelry WIP:

Here’s the direct link to the lovely pattern:

Here’s a pic of the first two fans so far.

Update later that night: All finished! It didn’t really take all that long and was lots of fun to make. I’m looking forward to making many more of these as gifts for family and myself as I’m always loosing my bookmarks.

Update again: Variegated Pink Fan bookmark was done last night. Working on a purple one now hehe.


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