Crochet Beanies

I thought while I was taking pictures that I would also add the three baby beanies that I have crocheted. They are a good size to fit from newborn to probably 4 months old. Either way, I’ve got them on hand for when bub needs them. I love the little yellow one with the bear ears. The knitted beanie in the previous post might be getting some ears in the near future.

All three of these are of my own pattern.


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I love these hats! Can you please tell me how you made them.bDo you have your pattern written down?

Hi there, Sorry for replying so late. I don’t have the patterns for my baby beanies written down sorry. I made those ones without notes but if you google or search ravelry, there are hundred’s of free baby beanie patterns. There are small tutes as well to show you how to do the ears like on the yellow beanie :)

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