Catherine’s Wheel Baby Afghan

So I was cruising around Ravelry today and saw something I was interested in which led me to one site that then lead  me to another site when I then ended up on the Crochetville Forums. Down the bottom of that page there was a little 5 min video of some bloke working on a really lovely looking afghan. Off on a search I went and found out that the stitch he was using is called the Catherine’s Wheel.

I’ve found some great instructions on how to go about this stitch and along with it a little pattern on a baby afghan so of course I started it straight away. It might take me a little bit to do but at least its something large to focus on as the bookmarks are doing my head in at the moment.

Here’s the link to Art of Crochet by Teresa with the stitch and pattern. Be sure to look around Teresa’s site as its overloaded with info about everything crochet!  Catherine’s Wheel Baby Afghan


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