Buttercup bag Pattern – Made by Rae

So if your interested in doing some sewing but not on a huge project and you feel the need for a new bag, this is a great start. This wonderful Buttercup Bag pattern has been made free by the creator Made by Rae. I have made a couple of these bags and recieved nothing but compliments when out and about with them. I made a couple of adjustments like making it bigger (just because I *have* to carry my husbands stuff as well as my own in it) and putting different pockets in and the such.

With the original pattern, this is the material list.

• fat quarter for purse outer
• fat quarter of quilting weight fabric for lining
• small scrap heavyweight interfacing (1.5” squares)
• magnetic snap
• two buttons (optional)

So if you have some material laying around, make sure you check out this pattern! Buttercup Bag Pattern – Made by Rae


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