Bad Easter!

I’ve been very very naughty. I haven’t picked up knitting needles or a crochet hook or anything crafty for the last two weeks at least! Each time I am busy doing something that I can daydream my way through (like the dishes) I think, right, you are going to cast on something today. I don’t care if its your jumper, a teddy bear or a cushion cover. You ARE going to do it. Then I get to bed and think, awww I still didn’t do anything!

Easter has been a blur. We had my family down to spend it with us and it was fantastic. Lots of food and lots of love. We had a ball. It also tried to sway me off my new “lifestyle” of getting healthy. It won for the day, but I was right back on the bike the next day. *Very* happy with myself on that one.

Anyway, I promise there will be something to show over the next couple of days. Cross my fingers…







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