Another baby something

Another thing on the to do list before bub arrives is to have some PUL covers made up to go over the flat nappies. This is actually something that is really simple to make using a layer of PUL material with an outter layer and some snaps and FOE elastic.

I’ve managed to make one up today is small size although looking at it now it might be slightly too big for a newborn. I want to make at least another 5 so perhaps I will do 2 in newborn and another 1 in small and 2 in the larger size.

You can find the pattern that I have used here: Chloe Toes Boutique Side Snapping Diaper Cover

I have insterted gussets in mine as well so if you cant find a tutorial on the net to help you out, drop me a line and I will try and help you out :)

* Update: These are the four new PUL covers that I’ve made up in the newborn size. We only put one set of snaps on there till we know how big bub needs them to be.


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These look awesome!

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